Ask Yourself:

  1. Am I willing and able to provide the level of care guinea pigs need? Guinea pigs need more care than many people realize. (see Guinea Pig Care)
  2. Am I, or anyone in my household, allergic to hay or to guinea pigs? Many people surrender guinea pigs because of allergies to hay.
  3. If you have children, are the adults in the home equally committed to the guinea pigs? Many families surrender guinea pigs when their children lose interest.
  4. Am I willing to invest the time to keep their cage environment clean and dry? Guinea pigs eat and poop A LOT.
  5. Am I willing to learn as much as I can about guinea pig health issues? Guinea pigs have unique health issues. The more you educate yourself, the better positioned you are to identify problems when they arise.
  6. Can I budget for annual veterinary care, including emergency care?