• Guinea pigs need 24/7 access to fresh Timothy hay. Hay is a substantial part of their diet.
  • Guinea pigs are one of the few other mammals besides humans who need an external source of Vitamin C.
  • Guinea pigs need a high quality pellet that provides adequate Vitamin C and other vitamins. (See links for Pellets on Resources page.)
  • Guinea pigs need fresh vegetables every day that are also high in Vitamin C.
  • Guinea pigs need fresh cold water at all times. Provide two water bottles and change both bottles every day.
  • Guinea pigs are prey animals and tend to hide illnesses. To catch illnesses as early as possible, weigh your guinea pigs on a weekly or biweekly basis to track any weight loss, a common indicator of illness.
  • Guinea pigs are highly social and do better in pairs than as solitary pets.
  • Guinea pigs need more square footage than typical pet store cages provide. For example, two guinea pigs will ideally have nine square feet in their crate. 
  • Guinea pigs are loving, affectionate animals who need attention and time with you outside of their crates.