We currently have a waiting list for surrenders. If you would like to be placed on the waiting list, we require that you list your pigs on either of the two sites below (Guinea Pig Finder or the Facebook group) and send us the link for the listing as confirmation. We ask you to do this because we need you to partner with us in finding a home for your pigs. (You can of course list them on both sites, but to get on the waiting list, you only need to list the on one of the sites.)

Email us the link of the listing with the following information about your pig:

1. Why you need to surrender
2. Age
3. Sex
4. Type/color
5. Whether spayed or neutered
6. Where you are located

1. Guinea Pig Finder

Guinea Pig Finder (http://www.guineapigfinder.com)

2. Guinea pig rehoming group on Facebook

Facebook Group (https://facebook.com/groups/1574184372602529)

No matter where you list them, definitely ask for a vet reference and charge a small adoption fee to rule out people looking for free animals.

Courtesy Listing:

If you would like us to do a courtesy listing on Petfinder, please email us a couple of cute pictures and a brief description of the their personalities.