Heather, Patty, and Fiona

For this trio, we prefer a home that is experienced with guinea pigs. Two of the three girls are long-haired Silkies, who will need regular grooming. The girls must be adopted out together. No children under 12. We believe the girls are between 1 and 2 years old. Must sign no-breeding contract. The adoption fee is $75.

Fiona is a little shy at first. She loves to run up and down the ramp to the hayloft. She doesn’t like to be caught but she loves to snuggle. Heather is very shy and takes a little while to warm up to you. She loves snuggling and doing zoomies while the others are up in the hayloft. Patty is a sassy, sweet girl. She’s the leader of the pack. She always comes right up to you to get ear rubs. She is very protective of her girls. They currently live in a two story C&C crate and love their two story mansion.

Please fill out an adoption application.