Lana & Quinn

Lana and Quinn are two spayed females who are approximately four years old. Both of them came to us with ovarian cysts on each ovary and uterine growths. We spayed both of them to address this, and they have each made a full recovery. They are cheerful girls who love to eat hay non-stop and who in fact often jump into the hayrack to get the best pieces. Lana is a calico, and Quinn is agouti.

At four years of age, they are technically senior pigs. Because of this, we will only be adopting them to adults who have had previous experience with guinea pigs, who are adept at recognizing signs of illness, and who have the resources to take care of any medical issues that may arise in the next two years. While they are healthy and active now, we want whoever adopts them to be prepared for any issues that may arise because of their age.