Sweetie is a confirmed singleton, meaning that while she really likes people, she does not like other guinea pigs. She is the exception to the rule that most guinea pigs prefer other pigs to living alone. She would do well with someone who is home a lot and can give her time and attention. She could also be adopted out to a home that has guinea pigs, she just needs to have her own crate and special time with you. She is funny and adorable and has quirky expressions. She loves eating hay and hanging out in her fleece hidey. She also likes hanging out with you on the couch.

Sweetie is about three years old. She came to us from a neglect situation and was on a very poor diet with some resulting bladder sludge. After adjusting her diet and getting her in better shape, we were able to take her off the medicine to treat bladder sludge. Sweetie has been spayed.