Marco and Polo

Update: they were adopted out in 2018 but were returned when their owner was no longer able to take care of them. Marco and Polo are brothers who were born in the summer of 2017. Marco is a snuggler, and Polo is an explorer who loves to scamper and run around. They need to be in the largest crate you … Read More

Lana & Quinn

Lana and Quinn are two spayed females who are approximately four years old. Both of them came to us with ovarian cysts on each ovary and uterine growths. We spayed both of them to address this, and they have each made a full recovery. They are cheerful girls who love to eat hay non-stop and who in fact often jump … Read More

Monroe & Ophelia

Monroe is a crested, neutered, dark brown male who is about seven months old. Ophelia is also crested, predominantly brown with orange markings, and female.

Frappa & Tally

Frappa is a short-haired, calico male who is a year old. He was neutered on August 22 and now lives happily with Tally, an Abyssinian, calico female who is about six months old.

Vega & Chino

picture of Vega and Chino

Vega is a black and white Abyssinian girl who is about six months old. Chino is a neutered, short-haired, brown male who is a year and a half old. Chino is a very chill pig with a quizzical expression who is always very curious what the humans around him are doing. Vega is a little shyer. However, because she is … Read More

Calla & Lincoln

Calla and Lincoln were both born sometime in the spring of 2018. They are short haired pigs; Calla is spayed, and Lincoln is neutered. They love sleeping in fleece cuddle sacks. Calla was being bullied by her more dominant sisters, and when we put her with Lincoln, who adores her, she popcorned for the very first time!

The Wiggles (Marco & Polo)

Meet two happy boys who just turned four years old. They were adopted out when they were about three months old but were returned to rescue in August 2019 as the family was going through a difficult time. They are doing great. Polo is the more outgoing, and Marco is very snuggly and gives kisses. At four years of age, … Read More

Georgia & Ozzy

Georgia is a short haired, brown and white female approximately two years old. Ozzy is a short-haired, brown, neutered male about six months old. Ozzy is a spunky, inquisitive boy and Georgia is a calm, easy going girl who balances Ozzy well.

Jess & Ziggy

Jess is a black and orange female who was born in the spring of 2018. Ziggy is a neutered, black and white male who is about a year old.