Doodles & Juno

Doodles is a neutered, black and white Abyssinian male, and Juno is a black and white, short-haired, spayed female. Juno did not do well with other females but has warmed up to Doodles. Doodles would be happy with just about any female and loves having Juno around. Doodles was born close to April 1 and is a playful young male, … Read More

Nessa & Fabio

Nessa, a spayed female with a rich brown color, and Fabio, a brown and white neutered male, are one of our most “in love” pairs! While it is common for males to purr when they are near a female, Nessa is equally enamored of Fabio and will purr back at him. Fabio is a sweet, easy going male with a … Read More

Emma & Ava

Emma and Ava are two very young female sisters who we believe were born 6/15/2018. Emma will purr when you pet her, and Ava is a little pipsqueak who adores her slightly larger sister. They are active little pigs who also like to cuddle. They are Abyssinian/Peruvian mixes and have soft, long, wavy satin fur that is also prone to … Read More

Alina and Dash

Alina and Dash are a female and male pair. Dash has been neutered. Alina is about a year old, and Dash is about 8 months old. They need to be in a crate that is equivalent to a 2 x 5 C&C crate (30 in by 72 in) as Dash, true to his name, loves to zip around his crate. … Read More

Phoenix and Chase

Meet Phoenix and Chase, a sister and brother who are about two years old. They are spayed and neutered and ready for their new home! Phoenix is short-haired and Chase got the curly (Teddy) gene. Chase is especially active and popcorns on a regular basis. They are both good natured snugglers who would be fine for new guinea pig owners … Read More

Spencer and Tabitha

Spencer (a neutered male) and Tabitha (a female) are active, energetic young pigs who are less than a year old. They need to be in the largest crate you have room for but no smaller than a 2 x 5 C&C crate (30″ x 76″, which is about 13 square feet). Octavia is the more confident and outgoing of the … Read More

Casper and Starla

Casper and Starla are young loves who are happy go lucky. They both love to snuggle once they find their comfy spot. They love to play zoomie tag and use their hidey stools as a maze to run through. They share their bowl of pellets together very well. Casper is a neutered male. Please fill out an adoption application.

Dior and Sevi

Dior is a short-haired, black and white four month old female, and Sevi is a neutered, orange ad black, nine-month old male. Sevi is an easy going male who adores his female cage mate and loves to snuggle. Dior is a little shy but warms up with time. They currently live in a large, 2 x 5 C&C crate (30 … Read More

Ymir and Avi

Ymir (female) and Avi (male) are short-haired pigs who are less than a year old. Avi has been neutered. Avi is a complete character, full of personality, and Ymir keeps him in line when necessary! They currently live in a 2×5 C&C crate, 30 inches by 72 inches (six feet long), and we would like them to stay in a … Read More

Alistair and Sabrina

Alistair is a neutered male, and Sabrina is a spayed female. Sabrina is almost a year old, and Alistair is about six months old. Sabrina is large for a female, and Alistair is small for a male, although he may get a little bigger. Sabrina definitely runs the show. She is a pretty red and white girl, and Alistair is … Read More