Violet & Cece

Two short-haired sisters born in 2018. Must sign no-breeding contract.

Gemma & Jefferson

Gemma came into rescue with Jefferson; she was a new mother on pregnancy watch who we separated from Jefferson until he could be neutered. Now that Jefferson has been neutered, they are happily reunited. Both are Abyssinians. Jefferson is a curious, friendly boy who purrs any time Gemma is near, and Gemma is a confident girl who does much better … Read More

Portia & Pippa

Portia and Pippa are calico Abyssinian/Peruvian females born around April 1, 2018. They are super sweet, cuddly girls who will warm up to you with time. They must be adopted to a home where an adult will be primary caregiver who has prior experience with guinea pigs, as both girls will require additional grooming. Adoptive home must sign a no … Read More

Nemo & Petra

Nemo and Petra were both born sometime in April 2018. Nemo is a neutered red and white Abyssinian male, and Petra is a red and white Abyssinian/Peruvian female. Each was originally living with another member of the same sex, but they both became too dominant with members of their own sex. When placed together, they hit it off.

Heather, Patty, and Fiona

For this trio, we prefer a home that is experienced with guinea pigs. Two of the three girls are long-haired Silkies, who will need regular grooming. The girls must be adopted out together. No children under 12. We believe the girls are between 1 and 2 years old. Must sign no-breeding contract. The adoption fee is $75. Fiona is a … Read More


Snowbell, unlike other guinea pigs, is a confirmed singleton. Meaning, she does better living on her own than with other guinea pigs. She came into rescue having lived alone, and she clearly prefers it that way. Her ideal home is someone who is around a lot, or has other guinea pigs who are nearby but not in her space. Snowbell … Read More

Fiona & Daisy

Fiona and Daisy are sisters born about a month apart. They are both spunky pigs who love to dash around their very large crate and steal treats from each other and from their mother. They are both short haired pigs who require minimal grooming (apart from nail trimming and ear cleaning). Fiona, who is a calico, was born July 1, … Read More

Ace & Sable

Ace is handsome calico male who has been neutered, and Sable is a beautiful, short-haired female with gray fur. They came into rescue very comfortable with each other and get along well. Sable is about a year old, and Ace is about eight months old. Adoptive home must sign a no breeding contract.

Luna & Stella

Luna and Stella (also known as Skippy and Zippy because of how fast they run) are Teddy sisters who were born in mid August. They live in a huge crate with a second level and love to dash up and down the ramp, always on the lookout for their next treat or the next handful of hay. They are very … Read More

Doodles & Juno

Doodles is a neutered, black and white Abyssinian male, and Juno is a black and white, short-haired, spayed female. Juno did not do well with other females but has warmed up to Doodles. Doodles would be happy with just about any female and loves having Juno around. Doodles was born close to April 1 and is a playful young male, … Read More